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  • arthrophyte — noun Any plant belonging to the former class Arthrophyta (now Equisetopsida); the horsetails …   Wiktionary

  • arthrophyte — ar·thro·phyte (ahrґthro fīt) [arthro + phyte] an abnormal growth in a joint cavity; cf. arthrolith and joint mouse …   Medical dictionary

  • arthrolith — A loose body in a joint. [arthro + G. lithos, stone] * * * ar·thro·lith (ahrґthro lith) [arthro + lith] a calculous deposit in a joint; cf. arthrophyte and joint mouse …   Medical dictionary

  • joint mouse — mau̇s n a loose fragment (as of cartilage) within a synovial space * * * one of the portions of the fringes in the synovial membrane of joints in osteoarthritis which are changed into cartilage and become free in the joints. Cf. arthrolith and ar …   Medical dictionary

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